A firm dedicated to its clients

Excellence and personalised services are at the heart of what we offer our clients. Both in Belgium and abroad, we assist large companies and SMEs, private individuals, public and private institutions, foundations, and non-governmental organisations.

There are no small matters for the companies or individuals concerned: we assure our clients of our total dedication to every case they entrust to us.

Offering a tailor-made relationship

Our practice is multidisciplinary and covers most activities in the business world and private law matters.

We work fluently in French, Dutch and English.

JANSEN+LEFEBVRE defends its clients:

  • before all courts of law, including the Supreme Court with Maître Paul Lefebvre (Supreme Court lawyer)
  • before the European and international courts

In search of other avenues

We are also very active in arbitration, as arbitrators and counsels, as well as in exequatur and litigation regarding the annulment of awards.

We seek and negotiate non-contentious solutions in the interests of our clients.

We assist our clients in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, conciliation or collaborative negotiation (collaborative law).

Fees and expenses

A lawyer’s fees are the compensation for the intellectual work he performs for his client.

This may involve consultations, analysis and study of the case, negotiation meetings, drafting of agreements, expert opinions, drafting of procedural documents, representation and pleadings for our clients before the courts, etc.

In principle, we charge an hourly rate plus, where appropriate, a fee based on the outcome of the case.

In certain types of case, we propose a flat-rate system when the nature of the case lends itself more to this.

In addition to the fees, we charge secretarial and travel expenses, as well as procedural costs and other specific disbursements such as bailiff’s fees, administrative costs for civil status documents, etc.

Requests for retainers and interim statements are sent on a regular basis, together with a detailed statement of services rendered.

Lawyers’ fees and costs are often covered in full or in part by any legal expenses insurance you may have taken out.